PREORDER - 23rd Special Troops "Ghost Army" Patch

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PREORDER - estimated availability is mid-June

"DECEPTION has played an important part in military tactics since man first fought. The American Army, like all other armies, has used it to a more or less degree since the Revolution. General Washington took elaborate pains to mislead the British before his brilliant surprise thrusts at Trenton and Princeton in 1777. But it was not until 167 years later that the U.S. Army organized a unit especially trained and equipped for DECEPTION. This unit was called the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops and this is the story of that unit."

                                                                                                                - Fred Fox, 1945

We were asked by a PSYOP brethren to make a patch, so here it is!  Throwing homage to one of the first units to be focused on deception and forcing the enemy to dedicate forces they would have otherwise.

Each patch is embroidered and measures 3.25" tall and 3" wide and is backed by hook tape for quick application to your choice of surface.

Each patch is made here in the USA.